What is Smashed rat on Press?

Smashed-Rat-on-Press began as a pamphlet series in the late 1970s, and continues today on a whim. Our first publications were on letter size paper, lovingly photocopied and collated by hand, then folded and stapled by hand. Today, we still have no presses of our own, and indeed no place to put a press in our cramped corporate headquarters. These days we farm out printing and fulfillment to Lulu.com, the well-known print-on-demand house. They do a superb job of producing top-notch paperback books. These books are much better bound, and printed on much better paper, than the junky "read-once" paperbacks you'll find in most bookstores. These are books made to be treasured, not skimmed and recycled.

Our books are all designed with generous interior margins, allowing you to read easily, without bending back the spine to make out words that run into the gutter.

Our cover art and any interior illustrations are all exclusively designed by authors and artists to our exact specifications. You'll never see one of our products with a boring, mass-produced cover designed by some hack who hasn't even read the book.

And best of all for our readers, we make our books as inexpensive as possible considering their high quality production. We typically make no royalties on our paperback books.